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About me

Welcome! I’m Adriyana Hodge, a passionate nude art photographer based on the breathtaking island of Lanzarote. From a young age, I have been captivated by the expressive beauty of the human body. This fascination has blossomed into a hobby where I capture these expressions through the art of nude photography.

Living in Lanzarote has deeply inspired my work. The island's vibrant colors, unique landscapes, and raw textures perfectly complement the delicate and powerful human forms I photograph. My goal is to capture the true essence of each person, revealing their inner spirit and boosting their self-confidence through my art. It is immensely gratifying to witness the transformation in individuals as they see themselves in a new, empowering light through my lens.

My journey into photography began during the lockdown, when I finally had the time to explore my creative side fully. This led to my first major project, Body Poetry, which showcases the poetry in every body expression. The positive response to my work has been overwhelming, and my "Secret Places of Lanzarote" expo has been my most successful project so far.

I am excited to share my vision with the world and to continue exploring the endless possibilities of nude art photography. Thank you for visiting my website. I invite you to explore my portfolio and experience the magic and poetry in every body expression.


'Working with Adriyana from start to finish was such a dream. She made me feel so comfortable from the start, created the perfect environment and found the best location for the shoot. I felt open and natural around her and she even gently pushed me towards taking creative risks that really paid off! I hope to work with her again and would highly recommend her unique and distinct artistic style to everyone looking for a photographer.' 


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"Time is priceless when caught in time."


Queen Fairy of the Lake
Adriyana's Memoirs.jpg

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Arrecife, Lanzarote

Las Palmas


Tel: +34 60 23 49 779

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