About me

Meet the Photographer
Adriyana Hodge

I was born in Croatia but​ have lived in South Africa for most of my life,​ followed by a short time in England before moving to Lanzarote.

I have had many different life experiences and seeing life through many different "eyes" has allowed me to observe and capture human nature and life moments through my heart, mind and soul, and now through my camera lens. Taking many photographs over time has shown me how precious each moment is and how important it is to capture these on camera. It has also taught me how to translate those moments into something we actually want them to be.

"Time is priceless​ when caught in time."


The Body Poetry, my first nude art photography project, signifies the beginning of my photographic career. The​ project has an authentic poem assigned to each image,​ portraying messages of hope. My spiritual background has allowed​ me to observe and express the captured soul, and in the case of this project, the message too. In this uncertain world that we are living in today, what better way to portray a message than through a naked, unveiled human body! After all, our body is the only object we genuinely possess.​ Being my first exhibition, it has propelled me into more creative ideas and am hopeful of producing further projects in the near future.