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The Poet

Meet the Poet
Carlos Calatayud Prats

Born in '74 in Granada, he has spent his childhood between Ciudad Real and Granada. Raised in a Catholic family, public education and taught 'democratic', he grew up in an environment that was intellectually healthy and full of humour and irony.

Student of Pure Science and lawyer by profession, by vocation, he considers himself a lawyer of the poor.

He left Granada from his first job as a teacher of Procedural Law in Jaén and, from that moment on, he has traveled and lived in Jaén, Saujon and La Rochelle (France), Illescas (Toledo), Madrid, Algir (Algeria) and currently in Arrecife (Lanzarote) for the third time.

Romantic since adolescence, heartbreak and misunderstandings associated all kinds of things that have occurred over the years, as well as the comings and goings have made him change over and over again, if not sometimes took him off the course.
His northern stars, his north, is his daughter, to whom he dedicated his first published book "Juegos para princesas, príncipes y otros monstruos" as part of his legacy, so that one day she can get to know him better;  and his love. Poetry has been the way he has been expressing, in words, what he felt or what he wanted to feel; what was and what he wished it were. How he was and how he is now! But he never thought that he would be part of a photography project, of which he is now.

The work consists of a double set of poetry written during his first time in Lanzarote, when he began to build a new paradigm of life. A first set is made up of poems about the love for his daughter and to his daughter; and the second part is the poetry that describes who he was and what were his feelings at the time of writing them. 

Juegos para princesas, príncipes y otros monstruos
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